Cadres féeriques

How I create these uncredible cardboard work? Here is an example.

uncredible cardboard work

uncredible cardboard work

uncredible cardboard work

uncredible cardboard work

First, I chose a picture to create this uncredible cardboard work . The picture is taken from a commic strip I like.

In a second time, I draw the picture with my software.

I print the drawing on a cardboard sheet

I cut the pictures. That's an accurate work.

assemblage par collage

placement des ampoules électriques

poser un passe partout

fabrication du cadre

I assembly the pictures. I create the 3D work.

I hide little lamps behind the pictures to create an illuminated 3D cardboard frame.

I place cardboard to hide the lamps and to obtain a good finish

I manufacture the wood frame ... so, now, my uncredible cardboard work is nearly finished

see the material I work withvoir les outils que j'utlise

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