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That's the tools I use to create my 3D cardboard work

cardboard work

cardboard work

cardboard work

Of course, I need a computer and a printer to create my carboard work If you like accurated work, you need to draw the picture yourself to obtain good colors. I use also softwares like Photoshop. I use a camera to take the picture and transfer it into my computer.

I use wood glue, cisors, cutters, driller, and other make it yourself tools...

A printer is needed but if you haven't any, you can buy postcards for example.

cardboard work

cardboard work

cardboard work

A saw to cut the frames. I use special saw to cut 90° angles.

A grid band equipement is an important tools to create my cardboard works. A grid band equipement is a genious tool to work cardboard (but be carefull with the dust.

Hammer, driller, and other tools,...

You need the material hereafter to start cardboard work.

You need a set of colors for your printer (40$), cardboard (20 $/ square meter), White paper and stickers (20$). Acrilyc colors (10$ by bottle). Wood to manufacture the frame (15$) Small motors if you want to create animated 3D frames (15$). Wood glue (from 5 to 20 $). Small screws (10$). Little lamps (20$). Little switch (5$). Welding (15$)

Waouw! Expensive? Not realy because with this material, you can enjoy a lot of time and create many frames.

The most important cost is the time you spend to create cardboard work as I do. Some of my frames need more than 50 hours!

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List of the material and tools I need to create my 3D frames